Ernest Borgnine, in his salt watery role as the loveable and smoove talking Commander McHale

World War IIEdit

Commander Quinton McHale was a pacific fisherman local the region that would later become Taratupa Naval Base. He was immediatley at odds with the new commanding officer Captain Binghamton, who had his fishing boat detained "due to the war effort". Soon after, the two became life long enemies, when McHale was formally made an acting Commander and given his own PT boat by Admiral Rogers, due to his skills and knowledge of the surrounding islands.

With his new boat, the PT-73, McHale would earn the respcet and admiration of almost every commanding officer in the Pacific, except for Binghamton. His gung-ho additude and disregard for strict procedure made the two rivals and nemesi. In spite, Binghamton gave McHale the worst crew he could find, but McHale would end up making this crewmembers some of his best friends. And they would all plague Binghamton even more, driving him more mad as the dragged on. One such incident ended up giving the captain his nickname "Old Leadbottom" and perminatley residing him to deskwork. For that he swore he wouldn't rest until McHale and his "cutthroats" were in the brig.

And to further the insanity, Ensign Charles Parker was originally assigned to the 73 to make it ship-shape and Navy worthy. Parker would instaead defect to McHale's easy going and carefree style of naval service, thus putting another splinter in Binghamton's side. And by war's end, Binghamton and Parker would become even more hated rivals, overshadowding McHale even, for Binghamton only got the nerve to resort to violence when it came to the ensign.

For the next five years, McHale and men on the PT-73 cause utter chaos for Captain Binghamton and the Taratupa Base, along with most of the Pacific. He manages to pull every type of scheme imaginable, creating all kids of mischief making an elaborate way out. From getting his men out of trouble, to contending with Binghamton's plots ot get him and his crew arrested and court marshalled, to the hordes of Japanese, keeping his servant and POW Fuji secret, and fueding with characters like greedy island chief Urulu and his ex-partner turned enemy Big Frenchie.

And thanks to their excellent record of destroying Japanese ships, planes, and capturing more men than any other unit, the PT-73 s the most honored and respected boat in the pacific.

This leaves Binghamton with no hope of stoping McHale, until he succeeds in tricking Admiral Rogers into transfering the proud boys and thier PT-73 to help fight the ending war in Europe against the Nazis. It works, the McHale gets the last laugh as he gets Binghamton and Carpenter to have to hitch along for the ride.

The whole lot is sent to the Italian Theater, a small village called Voltafiore. There McHale must contend with Nazis, Binghamton, and the latest con artist to grace McHale's presence, the scheming Mayor Mario Lugatto.